Timothy Willink

Mindset: 7 Secrets to Tap Into Your New Psychology of Success and Build Powerful New Habits, Confidence and Self Discipline for Powerful Growth In Your Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness

★☆ What’s Stopping You From the Success that You So Desire? Is It Your Mindset or Your Skillset? Continue Reading... ☆★

We’ve all heard that success is 80% mindset and 20% skillset. It’s about the psychology, not about the mechanics. This book “Mindset” goes deep into the mysteries of the mind, and helps you to know yours better. The ability to change one’s mindset is already present in all of us. Change is not a matter of just motivation, it’s about education. Motivate a fool and he’ll be a... motivated fool. You see, that just won’t work.
What do most self made millionaires have in common, that the average person doesn’t? Their strong self-discipline and confidence. These two ingredients are key to a powerful cocktail of a successful mindset .

“Once Your Mindset Changes, Everything On The Outside Will Change Along With It.” - Steve Maraboli

The brain represents 2% of your total body weight. Nevertheless, it consumes 20% of your energy. It’s amazing how powerful our brain is. It never rests, not even when we sleep. If you learn how to change your thoughts into positive ones, and have a strong mindset that fits the goals you have, your life will be completely changed. With this book, you will learn 7 essential secrets that are crucial to bring more health, wealth, love, and success into your life.
Learn how to look into yourself and analyse your thoughts, Replace them with positive, constructive and ambitious thoughts. A better life is obviously, possible. You attract it with the power of your thoughts. Instead of wondering how life looks like on the greener side, step up and take control of your own life now.
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