#32: Deep in the Woods, Andrea Silenzi, Panoply
Andrea Silenzi, Panoply

#32: Deep in the Woods

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Over at Why Oh Why HQ, we're planning quite the event for our first live show with Bonobos. And it got us thinking about the joy of crafting a live show and the fun of experimenting with the medium. Today, we'll listen back to one of this podcast's first live radio experiments starring our hilarious pal Jim Behrle, and our even more hilarious relative Grandma Phyllis.

Why Oh Why: Live At Bonobos! Join our show as we take over Bonobos Guideshops across the country for three special live podcast tapings. These shows sold out FAST! But even if you don't have a ticket, Why Oh Why subscribers will get to hear everything that goes down in special bonus episodes. The first one will come out on Tuesday, June 13.

These live shows were made possible by Bonobos. If you want to find clothing that will fit you better than you ever imagined, and get 20% off your first purchase, visit bonobos.com/whyohwhy.

Our sponsors for this episode are Lyft and StoryWorth. Go to lyft.com/WHY and storyworth.com/WHY for special offers.

To see photos from our live events as they happen, be sure to follow along on Twitter (@andreasilenzi), Instagram (@andreasilenzi) and Facebook (facebook.com/whyohwhyradio).

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 #32: Deep in the Woods, Andrea Silenzi, Panoply
#32: Deep in the Woods
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