Gerry Roach

Phantom of the Peak

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Phantom of the Peak is a work of fiction that will take you to magical places and events. It's main themes are Mountains and Music or perhaps its Music and Mountains. The musical pieces referenced range from all time classical favorites to some truly ridiculous titles. The mountaineering climbs range from the High Himalaya to the Flatirons above Boulder Colorado. The characters are all fictional, and any resemblance to any living person is coincidental. Some of the places and events are real, and some are left to your imagination. The climbing in the High Himalaya is considered to be, "off the map," although there are actually places like that in the real world. There are twists and turns to the events, and you are never quite sure what will happen next. There are some exaggerations in talents, but it never hurts to strive for the impossible. It's good to imagine that these people might actually exist. It's a big complicated world. Nobody knows everything that is out there. Oh yes, there is a powerful romance involved. Join me for my trek into a fantasy land!
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