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The plot centers around the age old practice of overt politicization and eventual capitulation of academic institutions that has ravaged Indian institutions systematically. One such college ruffian with noxious political patronage enjoyed considerable clout in matters concerning the functioning of the students union and day to day administrative dispensation. The de-facto political protégée used the same clout to secure college admission of a girl named Sangeeta, at the middle of an ongoing academic session – an almost impossible feat to achieve irrespective of the student's merit; such was the extent of the systematic rot. The girl was academically bright and was endowed with feminine charm – a potent combination to induce desire among members of the opposite sex. Over confidence and inflated ego prompted this college lout to pop the question to this girl, almost as a return favor for the service rendered in the matter of securing college admission. But much to his dismay, he was rebuffed in a rather sarcastic and contemptuous manner.
Time flew and the two met again twenty years later under a very different circumstance, as the past caught up with the present in a whirlpool of human emotion.
Tune in to this scathing narrative from the master story teller and a literary legend of Bengal – Bani Basu in this “My StoryGenie” Bengali audiobooks presentation.


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