Vedic Cosmology

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We are situated in the fifty-first Brahma year of the existence of our Brahma.Inside that Brahma year, we are in the primary Brahma day, called the Varaha Kalpa.Inside that Brahma day, we are in the seventh manvantara and in the 28th maha yuga of that manvantara. This would put us at about the 454th maha yuga of the 1,000 maha yugas that include this day of Brahma.Inside this maha yuga, we are in Kali Yuga. The 5100th year of Kali Yuga will relate to the year 2,000 A.D. That implies that we are genuinely right off the bat in Kali Yuga, and this age will proceed with more than 426,000 additional years.Variation Interpretations of Hindu ChronologyThe "Customary Puranic Model" portrayed above is settled upon by most creators on Hinduism and Yoga. Six distinct creators, recorded toward the finish of this paper, represent this model indistinguishably.A few different creators, some of the notable Hindu instructors, have distributed portrayals of the pattern of ages that vary from the conventional Puranic model. These variation hypotheses are depicted beneath.
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