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Emotional IQ

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Emotional IQ: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional Intelligence, Discover How Understanding and Developing Your Emotional IQ Can Help Improve Your Personal and Professional Life
You have probably heard of the term Emotional Intelligence because it’s been mentioned a lot in recent years but do you have an idea of what it really is? Emotional intelligence or EQ has gained popularity in recent years because after studies on the subject, it was revealed that having a high EQ is more important in determining life success compared to having a high IQ. People used to focus more on intelligence (IQ) but having emotional intelligence can get you further in life. According to different studies conducted on the subject, emotional and social skills are four times more important than IQ when considering success in professional settings.
The great thing is emotional intelligence can be learned. Anyone can learn how to understand and control their emotions. This audiobook will show you how. You will learn how to identify and manage your emotions properly so that you can handle stress and other negative emotions better. You will learn how to use your emotions so you can communicate more effectively, empathize better with others and overcome challenges with ease.
Everyone feels various negative emotions everyday such as anxiety, stress and depression so it is important to develop emotional intelligence to manage them well. This audiobook will show you how so what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click “add to cart” now.
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