Brian Dry

All The King's Horses

This is not a fairy tale, not a love story, but bound into the truths of everyday deeds, in a world that doesn't exist today.
Once upon a time, near a century younger, lives so fresh, every experience cherished by a thought and a nation on the brink.
From the honesty of memory, we live for the moment, because our next might be our last, in a war to end all wars.
Hear from the lips of those that lived... those that felt... those that dreamed, and those that didn't make it.
This is their story, told from a small city called Perth.
(included... Eye witness accounts: picking up of German Raider "Kormoran" survivors, after she had sunk HMAS Sydney...
Thousands of American sailors hitting the streets of Perth, Western Australia, after their base in Surabaya, Java, was over run by the Japanese in WW2.
Joyce, one of four teenage girls, about to meet another nations servicemen for the first time.)
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Brian Dry
Ann Dry


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