Stephanie Dale

Odyssey, One Day In His Courts

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A collection of twenty-five poems on faith and ocd. Intrusive thoughts come up with what seems like a million flashing warning lights like those coming up all at once on a car's faulty dashboard. None of them make sense but they all feel so real, so personal, yet so alien to the person's heart, nature and beliefs. Suffering in silence, unable to talk as it feels like no one will understand, or worse, that they will judge harshly... anxiety levels soar... isolation follows, even from God, because "He knows". The thing is, He does know. Brains glitch, they can be like the car's faulty dashboard. They are not our mind, and they are not our heart. The battle is very real and the steps taken to overcome must be acknowledged, but the journey was never meant to be travelled alone. These few poems are a prayer voyage towards restored intimacy in the courts of Grace and in the safety of one's hiding place, tightly tucked against His heart, positioned for recovery.
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