Srikanth Ram

Leadership Lessons From 22 Yards

Be it any field, it is surprisingly easy to identify good leaders; however, it’s a monumental effort to define what constitutes good leadership.
Two grieving brothers, Sandeep and Sanju, one budding entrepreneur and the other, a cricketer, are inspired by the words of their dying father to hold onto their goals of becoming successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. They are resilient in the face of obstacles and to overcome it they seek directions from their heroes, both cricketers, and corporate leaders. This exciting journey gives us remarkable tips to refine our mindset and skillset to become an exceptional leader, to build a high-performance team, and weave a winning work culture.
It does so by taking learnings from something we love in India-CRICKET
Wouldn’t it more helpful if cricket could also help inspire us to reach our goal of becoming a successful leader?
Read the book to find out.
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Srikanth Ram


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