Ananya Das

Tanaya : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 35

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Rupu – the teenage daughter of Swapan & Tanima, grew up in America as the second generation immigrant from India. The story of her growing up has always been fraught with stress due to cultural differences between the two generations – parents who are desperate to cling on to their Indian roots while the daughter, who is born and brought up on American teenage culture, is more comfortable with that identity.
The difference in outlook tends to deepen on a family vacation to India where Rupu is constantly getting badgered with snide remarks about her American lifestyle. The only person who empathized with Rupu is her mother – who understood the gulf between the two worlds and found that it is not Rupu’s fault to be struggling with a culture that is so alien to her.
Will Rupu survive this cultural onslaught or will better sense prevail to bridge the chasm??
Tune in to this sensitive social chronicle by Author Ananya Das, about looming identity crisis among the second generation Indian Americans who are stretched between the bipolar worlds, in this "My StoryGenie" Bengali Audiobooks series presentation.


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