Laura Maybrooke

Down A Darker Path

To win, she must lose. To succeed, she must fail.
The time has come. Dulcea must choose what is important to her.
Krath - the handsome, immortal vampire warrior - who rescued her from enemy hands, has proven himself to be a kindred spirit and a possible ally. Yet, neither Dulcea’s dragons nor her army are willing to accept such a dark hero.
The golden dragons have long been her allies, but their power is limited. They are no match for the demon Grom, but they alone bring hope to her army.
What is the right way forward?
What will Dulcea choose, and will her choice doom the world - or save it?

Note to listeners:
This book is 'Part Two' of a single long story arc spanning three books. None of the books are standalone and end in a partial cliffhanger.
Book 3, the final book in the series, has an expected release date in March 2021 and as an audiobook, in April 2021.
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