The Cosmic Computer, Henry Beam Piper
Deathworld, Harry Harrison
The Island Of Doctor Moreau, Herbert Wells
She Moved In Worlds - Parts One and Two, J.P. Mihok
E.N.D.A.Y.S., Lee Isserow
The Night Land, William Hope Hodgson
She Moved In Worlds - Parts Three, Four and Five, J.P. Mihok
The Island of Dr. Morose, Mike Gagnon
War of Rain, H.W.Vivian
The Enoch Plague, Matthew William
Serpentine Fire, Jon Binkowski, Stephen DeWoody
Sector 64: First Contact: A Sector 64 Prequel Novella, Dean M. Cole
2 B R 0 2 B, Kurt Vonnegut
The Button Chronicles, Juniko Moody
Civilly Disobedient (Calm Act Genesis), Ginger Booth
Upgrade, Zachary Phillips
The Remnants: Dead Loss, Jonathan Face
Anthem, Ayn Rand
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