Accountability is a hot issue in business as organizations face the toughest recession in years. Yet the notion of accountability is confused with punishment, fault, blame and guilt. Galindo argues the only true accountability is "personal accountability" and the only way to achieve it is to take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices, behaviors and actions. The 85% Solution is a short and focused read divided into three parts: Part 1: Responsibility. Accept no less than 85% of the responsibility for the outcomes of your actions. Will help readers identify the level of responsiblity they take for their own choices and acitons and explain the correlation between a mindset of responsibility and a happier, more productive life. Part 2: Self-Empowerment. Empower yourself to take the risks and actions you must in order to get what you want. Will guide readers through the process of mustering the courage to take the risks and actions needed. Part 3: Personal Accountability. Show that you are willing to answer for the outcomes that result from your choices and actions. Will emphasize the importance of clear expectations and clear agreements in the pursuit of accountability. Based on the the author's 16+ years of professional experience, the book will be 180 pages including self-assessments.
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