Christmas Celebrations Around The World 3 Christmas in Saintly Sweden

Christmas in Saintly Sweden is the third book in a series of 5 that celebrates Christmas through the eyes of Caleb, a 5 year old little boy. He shares interesting stories about Christmas traditions celebrated in different countries around the world. Some are funny and some are strange
The third country Caleb shares information on in this series is Saintly Sweden. Caleb will tell you why Sweden is called Saintly Sweden and how the people in Sweden celebrate Christmas
Each time Caleb explores a new and interesting country, he can't wait to share what he’s learned with all the excited readers out there. Some countries have religious traditions and some have unusual traditions which Caleb will share with the readers.
There is always a moral to the story which Caleb will share. In this story about Saintly Sweden, the moral is to give unto others that have less than we do. Christmas isn't all about us and the presents we receive, but about others who won’t be celebrating Christmas the way that we do. Give unto others over Christmas so that you can bring happiness to someone less fortunate.
Caleb enjoys sharing the moral in each story because he hopes that his friends will learn something new.
This story can be enjoyed by children aged 3 & 5 years as an assisted reading book. There are some words that may be difficult to read which will encourage Mom or Dad to assist.
Questions are asked and answers are encouraged
Happy reading friends

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