Impressions of “Tangerine” by Christine Mangan

Suzana Borges de Moraes Profeta
Suzana Borges de Moraes Profetashared an impressionlast year
👍Worth reading

It is a psychological thriller. Don’t read/ listen to it expecting a crime as so many others. It’s NOT as many others. It is intelligent and well written (and read - I listened to the audio book).

If love books that follow a success recipe that the author has used many times, and that you can guess how it ends, don’t go for it. 😉

I loved it.

امل انا
امل اناshared an impression2 years ago
🌴Beach Bag Book


Martin Vincents Johansen
Martin Vincents Johansenshared an impression3 months ago
👎Give This a Miss

Grith Errebo Weichel
Grith Errebo Weichelshared an impressionlast year
👎Give This a Miss

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