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How To Lower Your Heart Disease Risks With Dr. Ethan Weiss - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #252

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This week on the podcast we talked to Dr. Ethan Weiss, an academic physician-scientist at UCSF. Dr. Weiss is specializing in cardiology with a focus on the prevention of disorders of the heart and blood vessels.
Dr. Ethan Weiss grew up around hospitals as his father was also a cardiologist. Although he never had any intention of following in his father's footsteps, he eventually ended up on the same career path.
Throughout his career, Ethan has worked on a variety of active research programs, ranging from basic metabolic physiology all the way up to human interventional clinical trials. On the show today we talked about one of his most well-known studies that he conducted last year on the effects of intermittent fasting on weight loss - which had results that were surprising for most of us.
Tune in to learn about how you can actively lower your risk for heart disease and to hear Ethan explaining the shocking findings of his study on time-restricted eating!

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