Matt Walton

Emotional Intelligence

Learn How to Retrain Your Brain to Overcome Anger, Panic, Anxiety, Depression.Do you often find yourself struggling to get a handle on your emotions?
How many times have you found yourself feeling guilt, regret even over the things that you said and did when you were emotional?
Emotional Intelligence is a clarifying guide on everything related to EQ, that is the emotional quotient. It will take you on a deep journey to discover yourself. Why do we have emotions? Why are they so important? How could EQ make us progress more than IQ in life? This book is here to let you experience all the different aspects of emotional intelligence and show you how you can improve them all. It discusses the role of emotional intelligence in the different scenarios of life and helps you identify simple ways to grow from low to high EQ.
Are you struggling to understand where your emotions fit in the overall picture of your life? Don't you know how to achieve greatness in your personal and professional life?
This book will help you!
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Matt Walton


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