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Ketogenic Diet For Beginners - Questions & Answers

Ketogenic Diet For Beginners - Questions & AnswersHow To Use Keto For Health & Weight Loss With 50 Easy Ketogenic Recipe Ideas That Burn Fat, Boost Memory & Focus, Reverse Disease And Create Happiness!You have heard about the health benefits of Ketogenic Diet, but you are overwhelmed by the flood of information? Then read this book to answer all of your questions!
Do you want to…
... live a healthy and self-determined life?... use the benefits of the the ketogenic diet like reduced information, improved fat burning, mental clarity and sharpness, clearer skin, reduced cravings, mitochondrial biogenesis, anti-aging and reduced risk of chronic disease?... increase your mental clarity and sharpness, energy levels and your overall wellbeing?If that is the case, then Ketogenic Diet For Beginners - Questions & Answers is the perfect book for you! With the help of the Ketogenic Diet you can easily cure diseases like overweight, diabetes, and fatigue and more. Studies show that the beneficial effects of the Keto-Diet are obvious! Thousands of people report positive experience using the recommended foods for their wellbeing.
In this book you will learn…
... what the ketogenic diet actually is... how the ketogenic diet can help you with weight loss, diabetes, fatigue and many more... how to test your individual level of ketosis... how to use the ketogenic diet safely, avoiding negative side effects... how much carbohydrates you are allowed to eat with this dietSTART NOW by clicking on the buy now-button & upgrade your knowledge about the ketogenic diet now!
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