Hal Elrod

243: The Reality Check We All Need [Solo Episode]

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Today’s episode is the most important I’ve recorded for you in a long time and ends with me giving you a simple 3-step solution to quickly (and literally) transform any area of your life, as I recently did after having a painful realization... I’ve been a mediocre dad.
That hurts to admit—even to myself. But the other night, I had a profound personal breakthrough when I suddenly realized that I’ve fallen back into some old patterns and have been settling for mediocrity in the area of my life that matters more to me than anything… my children.
Part of the breakthrough was realizing that I’ve been oblivious, delusional and in denial about this. AND… I realized that being oblivious, delusional and in denial about our blind spots is something we ALL suffer from in one way or another. Thus, it is crucial that we all give ourselves the reality check that I’m sharing with you in today’s episode.
If you think you’re settling for mediocrity in any way, it’s time for you to get out of your comfort zone, engage in a reality check, and schedule time for reflection in whatever areas you need to address.

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