David J Galloway

Design Dissected

Many people assert that all of reality, including life, has simply emerged as a result of natural law and circumstance. How credible is that assumption? How well does it fit with what we find? Exquisite features of apparent design are in evidence everywhere we look. Either something is responsible for all the molecular engineering of life or, it just happened and nothing is directly responsible. Which option offers the best explanation?
This book provides a clinician’s perspective on the evidence for design in living things. Specific scenarios are dissected from examples of real cases in clinical medicine and surgery, as well as descriptions of some of the amazing integrated systems that exist in human physiology. Read about the critical processes that must be successfully navigated at the time of birth for every individual to have any prospect of survival. Beyond that, think about thinking itself. This book is a powerful challenge to the belief that the universe, life, and conscious experience can result only from unguided, natural processes.
“Excellent ... a most enjoyable mix of personal anecdote and scientific precision.” Prof John C Lennox
“Fresh and original. Beautifully written and extensively researched. Highly recommended.” Dr Stephen C. Meyer
“Impressive and thought provoking” Prof Frank Dunn
For further information visit: www.davidgalloway.co.uk
David Galloway is a Scottish surgeon who trained in Glasgow, London, and New York City. He was a Consultant Surgeon in Glasgow and a Former President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. He is also a Fellow of numerous international medical and surgical Colleges and has held academic appointments in Glasgow, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.
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