Let George Do It: Volume 3

Before Johnny Dollar came along, radio favorite Bob Bailey was starred in an offbeat private-eye series entitled Let George Do It. As played by Bailey, George Valentine was an ex-cop-turned-private-investigator who eschewed muscle in favor of manual dexterity and analytical thinking skills. His friendly nemeses on the police force included Lieutenant Riley (Wally Maher) and Lieutenant Johnson (Ken Christy) and he also depended on his gal Friday, Claire Brooks (Brooksie), played first by Frances Robinson and later by Virginia Gregg.
The twenty episodes in this collection, restored by Radio Archives, give you the chance to really hear Volume 3 of Let George Do It.
Chapters: Chapters: #1 The Pig Farmer; #2 The Man Who Was Afraid of Horses; #3 Robber; #4 Smuggling Face Powder; #5 The Body in the Closet; #6 The Penthouse; #7 The Pack of Boys; #8 The Tunnel; #9 The Island in the Lake; #10 Have Some Excitement; #11 Body Guard; #12 The Unfit Mother; #13 Til Death Do Us Part; #14 Mayhem by Experts; #15 One Against the City; #16 Destination Dead End; #17 Journey into Hate; #18 Your Money or Your Life; #19 The Roundabout Murder; #20 The Motif Is Murder.
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