Norton Ravin


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The combination of NLP and hypnosis is powerful and can help break habits or improve yourself.

When we speak of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), we talk about certain rituals and mindsets the brain should compose. When taken into consideration, hypnosis can tremendously add to a person’s will to break free from addiction, take matters into his/her own hands or make the necessary life changes they have been postponing for a long period of time. We will explore these great topics and touch on various other related topics as well, such as:

The definition and application of both hypnosis and NLP
How numerous people have used NLP techniques for self-help and happiness
Ways to overcome barriers, obstacles and habits in our lives
The historical context in which we should endeavor to see hypnosis 
Methods to retrieve lost memories through hypnotic techniques
How to use hypnosis for shows (and the tricks they use) as well as for medical purposes in an effective wayGet ready to experience the ethical and mystical power of hypnosis and the far depths of the human brain that reacts to it.
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