John Hawkins

Blogging Cash Formula

In this course, Jhon condenses more than ten years of trial and error into a simple blueprint designed to help you build a successful blog. You'll learn all the essentials, including:

* The mindset of a successful blogger

* How to build a WordPress site

* How to write amazing blog content that readers will love and share

* How to promote your content to ensure people actually see it

* How to build and leverage an email list to generate traffic and revenue on demand

* How to turn your blog into a business that generates revenue

Why would you want to build a blog? Well, there are many different motivations, but here are a few of the most common:

>> Build a business

>> Grow an existing business

>> Showcase your expertise

>> Build Relationships

If you're thinking of starting a blog this year, there's never been a better time. This course will walk you through the entire process—setting up WordPress, writing stellar content, promoting that content, building an email list, and implementing a revenue model to turn your blog into a business. It's all here.

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