Francis Cholle


Embrace your natural ability to live in uncertainty and thrive in an age of possibilities
What if . . .
. . . you had a sure way to make decisions in today’s unsure world?
. . . you could reach your goals at work while experiencing a deep sense of meaning?
. . . you and your best ideas could help accelerate the shift toward a more sustainable world?
And what if you found you already have what you need inside you to make this happen?
SQUIRCLE is about disrupting conventional thinking and control. It offers an original and actionable path forward for adapting to our new, volatile environment. SQUIRCLE thinking honors the freshness and natural insights from our intuition while recognizing the role and importance of our rational minds. It frees our innate potential for creativity, agility, and sustainability. It shifts our exploitative relationship to nature to a regenerative connection.
Rational Thinking [Square] + Intuition [Circle] = SQUIRCLE
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