MASTERING BODY LANGUAGE: Techniques for reading expressions and body actions

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Introduction to Body Language

There are many forms of communication and sometimes a person's body language can indicate more than the spoken word. Learning to understand body language can be very beneficial both in the work environment and on a more personal front.

Body language reveals personal feelings and reactions to other people's feelings. However, it has not yet been proven to be a form of science and is not a real indicator of anything and is often manipulated.

The basics

Most powerful people use this form of the unspoken word to make judgments that have proven to be a very effective way of obtaining and giving information. Some sectors qualify each and every movement of the body to be categorized as a body movement; while others go further to say that even breathing techniques fall into this category as well.

When you first meet someone, it is often beneficial to be able to read their body language cues to assess the person or situation.

However, again, this may not be the best way to form an opinion because, as mentioned above, body language can be manipulated. The art of body language is constantly exchanged and interpreted between people at different levels of alternative communication.

While an individual is busy reading the body language of those they interact with, they are also reading the individual's body language at the same time. People who are in the habit of reading body language always have the advantage over any situation, so having some knowledge about it would be good.

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