Win By Leaning Into Your Shortcomings | INSIDE 4Ds,

Win By Leaning Into Your Shortcomings | INSIDE 4Ds

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Podcast community, today is a really special Inside 4Ds episode. This session took place on October 29 out of our NYC office. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to answer tactical and strategic business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! Tweet me @garyvee with your favorite moment and what your takeaway is from this episode.

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Topics from Today’s Episode:

1:00 | Content vs Context

2:00 | 1 piece of content + 3 post copy

4:30 | Are you willing to invest in the long-term business

10:00 | What’s your appetite for low margin?

11:30 | How do you eliminate waste?

12:30 | Being at the mercy of distribution

20:00 | There’s nothing left outside of communication

27:20 | We deploy too much ideology

30:00 | 100 pieces of content leads to feedback which leads to insight which leads to better content

34:55 | The only vulnerability to building a personal brand is because somebody else who has financial interest doesn’t like - it brings business in, top of the funnel

39:00 | Accept the truth, execute on the truth

43:00 | Amazing to look back at things

44:00 | Thinking about distribution differently

46:00 | Lean in to the confidence of being unattractive

46:30 | Rapid Fire

47:50 | Don’t say no for the other person

50:20 | Attracting top talent
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Win By Leaning Into Your Shortcomings | INSIDE 4Ds,
Win By Leaning Into Your Shortcomings | INSIDE 4Ds
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