John Dangerfield

Anxiety: Discover the Secrets to Overcome Anxiety and Eliminate Negative Thoughts (Reduce Stress With Mental Exercises and Breathing Techniques)

You can take charge of any situation rather than fearing your future. By viewing your worries in this new and empowering perspective, you will find peace and be able to embrace the person you were meant to be.

In this book i explain:
•                  What is social anxiety;
•                  What are the causes of social anxiety;
•                  The balanced mindset;
•                  Social anxiety disorder and cultural differences;
•                  What are the natural remedies;
•                  How to choose the right approach;
•                  And much more information to found your solution!

Using clinically proven techniques like mindfulness, acceptance, and cognitive restructuring, this social anxiety workbook for teens can help you navigate uneasy social situations, overcome anxiety-provoking triggers, and develop a customized plan to help you thrive at home, at school, and beyond.
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