Elizabeth Pitcher

Magic Bedtime Stories for Kids

A Collection of Fantasy and Magic Short Stories with Positive Affirmations to Help Them Fall Asleep & Relax.Does your child have a hard time falling asleep?
This book can help you!
In this collection of bedtime stories, your child will be taken on adventures around the world that not only entertain but also provide amazing life lessons they can take with them.
You and your child can listen along as the narrator takes them on a magical journey into a peaceful and healing sleep.
Through empowering stories, they can learn how to do things such as relax deeply, develop healthy sleep habits, understand and express their emotions, learn valuable life lessons, and develop their confidence and self-esteem!
In addition, each story uses colorful and imaginative characters, settings, and situations to create an environment which will not only help children to become interested in the story itself but also serve as a vehicle to convey moral teaching and lesson.
Free up some time for yourself as a parent and get your baby to sleep well, once and for all!
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