Misty Black

Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry

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A story of friendship and empathy for bedtime, the classroom, or during therapy to help children understand and appropriately react to bullying. For ages 3-8.
Punk the Skunk liked to tease. Normally, his teasing was harmless. But what happens when teasing goes too far?
For a child, recognizing mistakes can be difficult. Saying I'm sorry can be even harder. Help your child learn this valuable social skill with Punk the Skunk.
Parents, counselors, and teachers love that the valuable life lessons in this book are taught in such a fun way that kids won’t even realize they’re learning.
The author has teamed up with a licensed school counselor to offer discussion materials on the following topics in the back of the book:
✓Showing empathy
✓Dealing with bullying
✓Being a true friend
✓Recognizing mistakes
✓Saying sorry
✓Forgiving others
When Punk realizes his teasing isn’t funny, will he be able to do what it takes to get his friends back, or will it be too late?
Read Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry to see if this prankster can become a peacemaker today!


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