Darcy Pattison,Elleen Hutcheson

A Little Bit of Dinosaur

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Did you know that you have a little bit of dinosaur in you?
And it’s your mother’s fault. She fed you that cheese sandwich, which had a calcium atom that used to be in the bones of a T-rex.
This humorous story follows a calcium atom as it journeys from dry bones to your jawbone!
Inspired by U.S. environmentalist Aldo Leopoldo, this story follows a little bit of dinosaur—a calcium atom—as it travels over time from a dinosaur to a child. In his 1949 classic, A Sand County Almanac, Leopoldo beautifully discussed how man and nature are interconnected. This amazing circle of life is illustrated with humor and a touch of empathy.
Sisters Elleen Hutcheson and Darcy Pattison team up to bring Leopoldo's circle of life to kids. Hutcheson is a high school biology teacher; five of Pattison’s picture books have been named NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books. Each is shaking her finger at their mother wondering why she fed them that cheese sandwich.
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