Can dYdX Become a Decentralized BitMEX? How It Is Scaling With StarkWare - Ep.218

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Antonio Juliano, founder of the decentralized exchange dYdX, and Eli Ben-Sasson, cofounder of StarkWare, discuss the recent launch of dYdX on Ethereum layer 2 using StarkWare’s scaling technology. In this episode, they cover:
what cross-margin perpetual trading is and why dYdX chose StarkWare to be its scaling partner (1:13) ZK rollups and how they contrast with optimistic rollups (8:49) how many transactions per second StarkWare can handle through its layer 2 solution (16:57) lessons learned and critical takeaways from their six months spent working together (20:15) the similarities between Ethereum and StarkNet (26:07) why Antonio believes that scalability is more important than composability (27:30) the benefits of decentralized exchanges and how dYdX fits into the dex marketplace (31:54) why dYdX chose Chainlink as its oracle provider, and how it got oracle prices onto layer 2, which previously had none (38:11) why Cairo, StarkWare’s Turing-complete programming language and platform, can be the “one verifier to rule them all” (42:10) what it was like for StarkWare to compete in the Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off (45:41) whether or not DeFi could handle a GameStop/Robinhood situation (48:56) fair launch tokens versus VC tokens (54:12) the likelihood of dYdX and StarkWare each creating a token (58:19) upcoming developments and projects for both companies (1:02:14)
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Episode Links:
Antonio Juliano
Twitter:  Eli Ben-Sasson
Twitter:  dYdX
Twitter: Website:  Exchange:  Reading Material Recent funding:  2020 in review:  Decrypt profile:  Medium post: StarkWare
Twitter:  Website:  Reading Material: ZK roll-up explainer:  Understanding Cairo:  Funding: dYdX and StarkWare Relationship
Original Twitter announcement (2020):  The Block’s original coverage:  Layer 2 is live announcement:  Blog post on why dYdX is moving to Layer 2 (2021):  CoinDesk’s coverage:
CoinDesk on Ethereum Layer 1 vs. Ethereum Layer 2: Roll-ups as throughput solutions: Vitalik on optimistic rollups vs. ZK-rollups: Antonio showing how dYdX works: Optimistic Rollup Dilemma (written by StarkWare) ChainLink Tweet on dYdX + StarkWare relationship:  The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off


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