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United States of Intelligence | The Productivity Science

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10X Productivity. Improve Focus, Time Management, Self-Discipline and Action. Eliminate Distraction and Procrastination. Success Starts Here
The United States of Intelligence is an interactive productivity book designed to revolutionise the human mindset.
The reason other books or productivity approaches are not working for many is that we are unable to navigate our technological, data-driven busy lives by using ancient theories and methods.
Unlike any other productivity book, The United States of Intelligence | The Productivity Science; as the name suggests is less about hacks, tips and tricks and more about:
- Understanding the ideology of productivity
- Enhancing our ecology
- Implementing simple yet effective methods
United States of Intelligence provides you with knowledge, formulas and practical exercises.
This book will help you integrate these methodologies into your day to day life so that you can build and maintain a productive lifestyle.
Some key concepts this book includes:
- Decision Making
- Procrastination
- Time Management
- Scheduling and Time Blocking
- Goal Setting
- Reflection
- Daily/Weekly Retrospective
- Daily/Weekly Planning and Journalling
- Distraction Elimination
Get United States of Intelligence | The Productivity Science TODAY and make your life great again!
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