Arthur Waley

Zen Buddhism and Its relation to Art | The Poet Li Po

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Two books by the greatest translator of Chinese poetry, Arthur Waley (1889-1966)
Arthur Waley was one of the first great Orientalists, bringing translations and commentaries from China and Japan to the West. This volume combines two of his books, the first investigating how Zen buddhism evolved to produce the kinds of artwork that it does, and how the artistic practice is also a spiritual practice.
Zen Buddhism can often be confusing to the outsider. This book explores the evolution of Zen, from it's origins and early masters through to it's influence in the modern world on art and literature.
This second part contains a selection of poems by China's greatest poet, Li Po, of whom it was said "Li Po’s style is swift, yet never careless; lively, yet never informal. But his intellectual outlook was low and sordid. In nine poems out of ten he deals with nothing but wine or women."

"The world acclaims Li Po as its master poet. I grant that his works show unparalleled talent and originality, but not one in ten contains any moral reflection or deeper meaning."

Ebook contains images of Li Po taken from manuscripts around his time, and over the centuries as he became recognised as one of China's great poets.
Book editions include classical illustrations of and calligraphy by Li Po
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