Mardus Öösaar

Legacy of The Dragon

Have you been thinking how to give your kids the tools of becoming successful? This book holds a little Secret so keep reading…

FORGIVENESS is one of these misconceptions that children get wrong when going through kindergarten and school. When not understood correctly, being confused about this can lay a very heavy burden on a young person’s shoulders!

“The Legacy of The Dragon: Understanding The Law of Forgiveness gives your kids a head start in the RACE OF LIFE. You see, if they don’t get this right NOW, they won’t even be in the race. HARSH but TRUE.

In This Book, your kids will Discover:

Why UNDERSTANDING FORGIVENESS will make or break Success.How to Define a Clear Vision of what they want out ot Life.When exactly to move on to stay Strong and Healthy.Working in harmony with The Universal Law of Foriveness.The wisdom and fundamentals of having the courage of A DRAGON.The answer to the question “Does helpfulness go a long way?”The #1 SECRET REASON why Forgiving Others DOES NOT WORK.

Have you been looking for a book that will ensure that your child knows how to achieve success?
“Legacy of The Dragon” will teach your children to go about modern-day life successfully even if every other children’s book has failed to provide any value.

If you want your child to learn the most important parts of becoming successful, then scroll up and click the ADD TO CART button.

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