Graham Brack

Dishonour and Obey

A royal marriage is in the making. But not everyone is happy with the match . . .

1676, Leiden, the Netherlands

Two years have passed since Master Mercurius last found himself embroiled in a murder case, and he has welcomed the peaceful interval. But now a letter has arrived for him from Stadhouder William of Orange. And a letter from William can only mean one thing-Mercurius is wanted for another mission.

William has decided he wants to marry. And he has his sights set on Princess Mary, the niece of King Charles II of England.

William has decided that Mercurius, as an ordained minister, is the perfect person to travel to England and secure the hand of the princess on his behalf.

But when Mercurius arrives at the English court it becomes clear that there are powerful people opposed to the match. And as the Stadhouder's representative, Mercurius himself could be in their firing line . . .

Can Mercurius complete his mission with his life-and his honour-intact?
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