Jack Narvel

Like Eating Jelly With Chopsticks

In a narrow three-story building in San Francisco's Chinatown in the 1970s a restaurant called "Sam Wo's" attracted customers from around the world. Their claim to fame: an ill-mannered Chinese waiter named "Edsel Ford Fong.” He would insult all the customers and even refuse to serve people he didn't like. He spoke only Chinese when swearing at customers, and would sometimes use "Pidgin English" when communicating his rules. One of them was "No Knife; no fork; use chop sticks like real person.”I brought two of my Midwestern customers, a Psychologist and his wife, to Sam Wo's to experience the legendary charm of Edsel Ford Fong. They were seated after a long wait. Edsel promptly thrust their menus in their hands, then cursed them in Chinese. My customer was a psychologist and should have known “why” but he asked,”Why would anyone want to eat here?” Clearly, we all want our opinion of our worth validated by someone in authority; whether it is a famous waiter or a teacher or pastor, it makes no difference. It all depends on who we think we are.As Believers we are told that through His sacrifice and resurrection, we have inherited the Kingdom of God, and God's blessings, and we grow in learning who we were really created to be. These blessings we are promised are both now and forever.In our earthly wisdom, God’s Grace may appear “illogical.” Too good to be true. For many it seems too simple. What should be easy, we have made difficult to receive. In his new book, Like Eating Jelly with Chop Sticks, Jack will explore the attraction of the unattractive and difficult; exploring the question, “Why do Christians make it so hard to live life?” This book will explore why that could be, along with Jack's quirky sense of humor, delightful and unique perspective on life! Enjoy!
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