David V. Hodes

More Than Just Work

“A great stimulus for both thought and action.” Sir Mick Davis, Former CEO, Xstrata
“Read this book if you’re serious about creating high-performance organisations. David’s authority on the subject stems both from his experience and knowledge.” Sanjeev Gupta, TOC-ICO Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Everyone has the right to be well managed.
And it is possible to be “just” at work—to treat others as you would be treated.
These are radical propositions. When you live by them, the people you lead through your management hierarchy understand the context of the work they’re doing. They feel connected to the overall purpose of the enterprise and are aligned to its vision and values. They work to arrive rather than arrive to work. They are empowered with the requisite authority over the resources they need to acquit all of that for which you hold them accountable.
You know what you have called for is both reasonable and possible, given the human and material resources you place at their disposal. Your people have a deep sense of the significance of what they are doing and experience the world as a better place for their being in it.
More Than Just Work will show you how to give your people and organisation this sense of worth and purpose while improving productivity and business outcomes.
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