T.A. Germaine

Secrets of Dark Psychology

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Secrets of Dark Psychology: A Guide on How to Use the Secret Techniques of Dark Persuasion, Brainwashing and Mind Games to Influence and Control Anyone

Are you aware if you have been using dark psychology tactics? Or were you on the receiving end of one? Dark psychology tactics are tactics used to manipulate, coerce and influence someone. Imagine being able to influence and persuade someone to do your bidding all the time. This audiobook will help you in understanding how you can use dark psychology tactics to manipulate and influence the people around you. You will learn the strategies on how you can subtly coerce someone to do what you want . You will discover the secrets of manipulation and mind control so you can influence someone’s thoughts and actions.
This audiobook will include all these topics:
What Makes Manipulators So Effective?Does Mind Control and Brainwashing Really Work?How Can You Leverage NLP Techniques to Get What You Want?How Cults and Organizations Use Mind Control Subliminal Influencing Through Advertising and MediaLearn to Protect Yourself Against Being ManipulatedBy learning about all these secrets, you can also arm yourself against people who will use dark psychology tactics on you. To get started today, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!
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