Lubna Jawad

The Great Mask-Erade

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The Best Way to Learn New Things is Through Fun and Interesting Activities
Embark on a unique adventure and have endless hours of fun together with Ezra, the Masked Boy, as he teaches you the importance of wearing the mask.
Ezra is a kid just like you – he likes adventures and playing with his friends. When Covid-19 came, things changed.
Now, with his best friend Ammari, he embarked on a remarkable quest - trying to show society why they should wear a mask and convince them to do so.
Will they achieve success in satisfying their friends, family, and society of the importance of protecting themselves and others?
Join Ezra on an inspirational journey that is guaranteed to spark an adventurous spirit in every young reader's mind, but also an experience that will teach them the importance of wearing masks to protect themselves from sickness and disease.
Here is what this children's book can offer you:
Fun and interactive teaching moments for your child to learn important life lessons
Lessons about the importance of health and acquiring essential habits
This book is a perfect read for children of all ages. Filled with fun adventures, it will inspire them to learn about the world, and teach them essential life lessons and instill values that will follow them through their lives. Adventures that will teach them never to give up and always think out-of-box and search for solutions.
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Lubna Jawad


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