Suchitra Bhattacharya

Timezone : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 45

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Rachana is the busy housewife of the successful corporate executive Barun. In the midst of affluent jet set lifestyle, the middle aged couple have been travelling round the world, across continents in their continuous rush for greener pastures wherever work responsibilities have taken them to. Abundant financials have given them the confidence and the resource to managing every responsibilities in life with elan. This includes arranging for care giving to aged parents even from long distances or to taking care of every odd household chore over the ubiquitous internet.
Rachana’s parents have become ever so dependent on their efficient daughter and their daily telephone calls have turned into their lifeline. Suddenly this smooth sailing receives a jolt from passing away of Rachana’s mother – an unavoidable exigency in every life. As for Rachana, the event is but a natural culmination in life. However her father – Parimal, turns into an emotional recluse as he realizes that his only living companion has left him alone in this busy world.
Tune in to this soulful urban narrative – a classic portrayal of the modern times from the master story teller Suchitra Bhattacharya in this lingering audio drama from “My StoryGenie” Bengali audiobook series.


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