Karl C. Mayer

Progressive Muscles Relaxation: From Inner Tension to Relaxation

Through the social change in which the professional and personal pressure to succeed, excessive stress and rising unhappiness lead more and more to emotional and physical problems, the human's desire for fast and uncomplicated relief has risen tremendously.
Exactly right here, the Jacobson relaxation training applies. The progressive relaxation of the muscles helps to detect physical tension and to solve these with selective exercises. The Jacobson training is considered to be one of the easiest and most effective relaxation exercises overall. It is so easy to integrate into your everyday life; it is almost everywhere and at anytime exercisable and very easy to learn. It is very effective in order to relieve stress, to release physical tension, to ease restlessness, and weak concentration and sleep disorder. It enhances the physical and emotional well-being and helps quickly to find tranquillity and calmness.

Progressive muscles relaxation is easier to learn than autogenic training, you do not need a distinctive imagination. It is also very suitable for active and anxious people; it produces faster results than most known methods. You receive concrete instructions from the speaker, thus your attention is on the relaxation and it is solely possible with this training CD.

Especially for this CD, the well-known medical specialist for neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine, Karl C. Mayer has realized and perfected the Jacobson easy to learn relaxation exercises for the user. With a special system, he quickly puts the listener into a state of deep relaxation without loosing focus on the exercise.

The calming background music by Largo supports the exercises with not being obtrusive. "Floating" sounds softly flow in the room and allow the listener to glide into a deep relaxation during the exercise pauses.
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