Dale Mayer


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Book 10: Hathaway House
Welcome to Hathaway House. Rehab Center. Safe Haven. Second chance at life and love.
Jaden Hancock is blessed to still have two arms and two legs, but the one leg is so badly damaged as to be virtually useless. Until he came to Hathaway House, he’d never expected that it might become a vital part of his future. He’s willing to work for it, it’s just hard to see the lack of progress even after weeks. He knows he needs to accept his current state, but that feels like giving up. And that’s something he’s not prepared to do. But as defeat, and hope, and depression and final triumph he sees a future he’d never been able to envision before.
Brianna Kole slowly adjusted to Hathaway House. She’d crossed the country to get away from her old life. As the newest staff member, she was polite but not overly friendly. She’d built walls to protect herself from getting hurt again. Only she’d arrived close to the same time as Jaden and in spite of her reservations they’d hit it off instinctively gravitating to the other new guy. But it wasn’t long before she was questioning her feelings… and his.
It seems one step forward, then one step backwards. Will these two figure out what’s really important? Before it’s too late?
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