Michael Palser

The American Stimulus Program

There is No Such Thing as Free Money
The United States is currently experiencing a recession triggered by a worldwide pandemic. The economic fallout has been extensive, resulting in lost jobs, lost businesses, and lost hope. Congress has been reluctant to pass stimulus packages while Americans suffer. The Federal Reserve keeps printing money to prop us up. We realize that this continued injection of currency into our economy will inevitably result in higher taxes, more regulations, and less buying power for each dollar that we earn. There is no such thing as free money.
We are helpless to slow the decrease of economic damage when a recession occurs. We need a new approach! We need a financial tool that will ensure consistent consumer spending, infuse federal and state tax bases, reduce taxation, and strengthen our economy. We have discovered that new stimulus is the quickest, most powerful, and useful tool to get our economy back on track. We need the American Stimulus Program!
The Right Tool for The Job
Through the American Stimulus Program, we can rebuild, reshape, and reestablish the United States economy through Covid-19 and after that. This tool creates a unique balance of distributing disposable income directly to the people of our respective states while also providing the opportunity of enriching ourselves!
The ASP can produce billions of dollars to substitute for lost earnings. It will help millions who are drowning in worry and debt. We can lift ourselves up and catapult our economy back to where it was and help it grow. The American Stimulus Program is simple, transparent, powerful, and fun!
A Big Idea Financed by Spare Change
We can take a small sliver of our disposable income and funnel it together to stimulate and strengthen our economy's most vital component: consumer spending. We could take some of our spare change to build up our economy. This Program ensures stimulus each week effectively, efficiently, and without any political bias. The American Stimulus Program will put cold hard cash into the hands of hundreds of thousands of Americans each week!
What if the money to drive America's economy did not dry up during economic declines? What if there was a constant influx of currency to the American people that was not an artificial stimulus created by the Federal Government? How could we do that, and what would it look like? The answer is the American Stimulus Program!
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