Robin McGill

Reiki Healing the Ultimate Guide

If you ever wanted to have the ability to heal yourself and others around you, then keep reading! How would you react if you found out it is possible? And not only that, but you can also use Reiki to influence different events in the future and the past, get rid of feelings of anxiety or other mental issues as well as healing your own physical body!
When it comes to Reiki, there is no such thing as time and distance. Reiki healing energy can reach anything, anytime, and anywhere. With the information and guidance in this book, you will be able to learn how to access this majestic Universal energy known as Reiki. The book, Reiki Healing for Beginners, contains everything that you need to know about Reiki, how to access it, how to self-attune yourself, and how to practice the art of healing yourself and others around you!
This book will point you in the right direction when it comes to spiritual growth, personal growth, and your life path. Many practitioners and Reiki Masters are able to use Reiki to their benefit, and so can you! This book is for anyone, beginners, practitioners, and even Reiki Masters can benefit from learning various techniques that are only here to help. In this book, you will learn about the following:
Origins of Reiki energyVarious methods and techniques for healing othersDifferent types of Reiki levels, symbols, and systemsHow to heal yourself, others, and even animalsWhat will one experience during a Reiki attunementHow energy within the body affects the healthAnd many more!
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Robin McGill


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