The Deathbed Theory Could Change Your Life,

The Deathbed Theory Could Change Your Life

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This is an awesome podcast episode that I think you're going to absolutely love! Jay is an incredible person who speaks about overcoming adversity and challenges in life. What connected us is our passion for legacy and being in the 'Yes' business. We speak about how regret is the biggest poison one can live with. Let me know what you like and tweet me @garyvee!

Topics from Today’s Episode:

1:00 | Jay intro story

4:30 | Same but different; you have to go through it

4:45 | The greatest lessons we learn come from our losses

6:15 | Coming from adversity is the great advantage now

9:30 | How I think about opportunity

11:00 | Neurolinguistic programming

11:45 | How I think about sleep

14:20 | 8 minutes of power

14:50 | Greatest vulnerability - the man in the mirror

15:35 | Making accountability cool

17:30 | You have the answers to the test

18:30 | Communicating the right answers

21:00 | A football story
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The Deathbed Theory Could Change Your Life,
The Deathbed Theory Could Change Your Life
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