Scare Street

Night Terrors Volumes 7-9

Prepare to face the darkest night of all…Something sinister lurks in the fog. It hides in the night, but you can feel it watching, waiting, following your every move. You run, fleeing through the dark, empty streets, desperate to escape. But deep down you know the truth. Sooner or later, your greatest fears will find you…
Scare Street is proud to present Night Terrors volumes 7 - 9 in a single collection. A bone-chilling anthology of fiendish fiction, featuring 41 terrifying tales for your reading pleasure.
Haunted houses, vicious killers, insane horrors from beyond… Every nightmare you’ve ever had hunts you through the shadows. You run faster, hoping to find a friendly soul, someone who can show you the way out.
But instead, the walls and alleys seem to close in around you. You pound your fists against a cold brick wall, but it’s too late. You’re trapped.
You’ve finally come to a dead end.
And now there’s nothing left to do but scream…
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Scare Street


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