99 Tips for Successful and Powerful Presenting (Stand out from the Crowd)

I have spent over 20 years and over £100,000 researching the best, most powerful and pragmatic presentation techniques on the planet. This Audio product is a distillation of some of the most useful techniques and attitudes I have found and they all work.My Presentation Skills Training and Coaching Guarantee: When you work with me, I guarantee that your presenting skills will at the very least DOUBLE in confidence and effectiveness.What I teach is how to create foolproof notes that allow you to cover everything, miss nothing, engage the audience with eye contact 95% of the time, never lose your way or be stuck for words, be fluent, natural and enthusiastic – and look as if you are being spontaneous and making it up as you go.Would you like an infallible way of capturing your client's or audience's attention in the first 30 seconds, keep them with you throughout, and ensure that your message comes across every single time, guaranteed?Imagine how it would be to talk as if not using notes for up to half an hour, yet include everything you want to say …and win more business…..just like these two clients:A major facilities management company asked me to take one of their pitch teams for presentation skills training. After working with them they won the largest contract in their company history – worth £500,000,000.A well known financial institution had been trying to secure a £300,000,000 pension fund which had eluded them for 3 years. Two weeks after working with me, they won it! A good return on investment I'm sure you'd agree.Over the last 20 years I've invested over 400 days and hundreds of thousands of pounds researching the most powerful and pragmatic presentation skills coaching and pitching techniques and testing them in the real commercial world so that you don't have to
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