Cliff Battley

Bully Proof Your Child

As schools grow weaker and the law becomes softer, it seems bullies enjoy more protection than their victims.

Parents feel powerless. They are frustrated and angry.

Do you know there is a 100% scientifically supported strategy for bullyproofing your child? Do you also know, that the single most effective way to do this is by raising your child’s resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence? If you knew there was a simple, easy to follow parenting manual offering step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do this, would you want to read it? Then look no further. Cliff Battley, Australian clinical psychologist, world-class parenting expert and passionate father of two ‘extremely energetic’ kids, offers us the perfect solution: a one-stop, all-inclusive guide book, guaranteed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to successfully parent your child through challenges of this fast-paced, dangerous, screen-time obsessed, modern world.

You will learn:

• How to know if your child is being bullied

• Exactly what to say if your child is being bullied

• How to protect your child if they are being bullied

• What you MUST NEVER do if your child is bullied (WARNING: Most parents do this)

• How to guarantee your child’s school will co-operate

• Why higher self-esteem will bullyproof your child

• How your relationship drives their self-esteem

• How to build your relationship in ten minutes

• The five rules of behaviour change

• How to turn misbehaviour into positive behaviour

• What to do when they won’t listen

• Why yelling won’t work and what you can do that will

• How to emotion coach your child

• What to do if your child is depressed, stressed or anxious

Let Cliff teach you, as he has taught thousands of others, exactly how to raise your child to be one of those who regardless of the challenge, commits to showing up: and as every good parent knows, the world is run by those who show up!

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