Hotwife Cheating, Charlie Hedo
Charlie Hedo

Hotwife Cheating

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Hotwife Monologues : Part 3.
Murielle tells about the day she and her husband John became friends with Steve. It was on holiday, in Spain. “Steve contacted you in the bar of our hotel,” Murielle says. "Do you remember John? You and Steve became best friends, but actually I had already met him the day before, you didn’t know that, only Steve and I knew."
While her husband John spoils her, Murielle confesses an exciting adventure. An adventure that started innocently but ended grotesquely. "Steve offered to massage me while you were sleeping in our hotel, so … be honest John ..., who would say no to an ordinary, delightful shoulder massage?"
Hotwife Cheating is a new story in the Hotwife Monologues series.
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Hotwife Cheating, Charlie Hedo
Hotwife Cheating
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