I Hate Time Travelers, Lee Isserow
Lee Isserow

I Hate Time Travelers

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Five years ago, everyone became a time traveler.
Everyone but Luke, who now lives in a world where practical jokes are up 60,000%, his roommate insists on having 12-self orgies in front of him, and every potential girlfriend has dumped him for stuff he hasn't done yet.
Luke suddenly finds himself madly in love, but also on the run from a government agency with the intention of slicing him up for experimentation.
No wonder he hates time travelers...
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Luke Orrey
Luke Orreyshared an impression8 months ago
👍Worth reading

Loved it

milenashared an impressionlast month
💩Utter Crap

Pavleshared an impression9 months ago

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I Hate Time Travelers, Lee Isserow
I Hate Time Travelers
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